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Alice In Chains - Your Decision

Legendary rockers return with a new single.

Released 16 Nov 2009 // By Phill May // Rating: 3/5
Alice In Chains - Your Decision

Alice In Chains have been welcomed back with open arms, and rightfully so. Despite a near fourteen year gap and a new vocalist after the passing of Layne Stanley, the band have crashed back into charts in the UK and right across the world.

This third single, ‘Your Decision’, is an acoustic driven track - milder-sounding than previous singles ‘A Looking In View’ and ‘Check My Brain’, but with a potentially far heavier content, focusing on the addiction troubles that eventually led to Layne Stanley’s death. There are better tracks on 'Black Gives Way To Blue' - this doesn’t have the engaging, urgent aspects that made the previous singles so appealing - but it’s clearly one with an important message the band need to say.