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Melvins - Evil New War God

Legendary pre-post-grunge funsters have a new longplayer out

Posted 19th June 2010 in MP3s, Melvins

You'll find many calling Melvins 'the godfathers of grunge', but in Rocklouder's opinion that does them a bit of a disservice. They've been going for more than 25 years, were best mates with the one and only Kurt Cobain and even Gene Simmons (yes, from Kiss) has played bass for them a couple of times, including a slot at US festival Lollapalooza. So to dismiss them just as grunge dinosaurs is horrifically unfair, especially since they're still churning out impressive, throbbing songs like 'Evil New War God', taken from their recently released 'The Bride Screamed Murder' album. Download the track for free below and see why people still love them.

Melvins - Evil New War God

If that wasn't enough Melvins for you, they've just announced a split 12" with the wonderfully heavy Isis. You can order it here if you think you can cope with that much awesomeness.