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65daysofstatic - Burial Scene

Sheffield post-rock noiseniks unveil a freebie download from their new soundtrack record.

Posted 12th October 2011 in MP3s, 65daysofstatic

We've missed 65daysofstatic - they've been away for a while, but in November they return with 'Silent Running', a vinyl release of their live rescore to the 1972 sci-fi film, er, 'Silent Running'.

Said the band of the soundtrack: “Writing it has been a cluster-fuck of messy technology and syncing issues that we will hopefully sweep into the corners of the stage and cover with a rug of sci-fi bleeps and pointless-but-fun melodrama. The music is original, noisy, and kind of old-school 65daysofstatic, inspired by watching a man in an all-in-one talk to a rabbit, eat a melon and engage in aggressive gardening.” As you do.

The band are giving away 'Burial Scene' from the record, which is out on 14th November. Check it out below.