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Free mp3 downloads from rock, punk, emo and metal bands and artists.
  1. The Blackout

    The Blackout - Ambition Is Critical

    Welsh crew give away a brand new track...

    Posted 25th January 2011

  2. The Get Up Kids

    The Get Up Kids - Pararelevant

    Try saying THAT after a few drinks...

    Posted 12th January 2011

  3. We Are The Ocean

    We Are The Ocean - What It Feels Like

    WATO have a lovely new year present for you...

    Posted 7th January 2011

  4. Philadelphia Grand Jury

    Philadelphia Grand Jury - Philadelphia Grand Jury EP

    Ace Aussie duo give away an entire EP...

    Posted 17th December 2010

  5. Fun

    fun. - Walking The Dog (Acoustic)

    New York trio offer up a freebie

    Posted 15th November 2010

  6. Les Savy Fav

    Les Savy Fav - Let’s Get Out Of Here

    Brooklyn party punks unleash a new album: there's a freebie

    Posted 8th October 2010

  7. Japanese Voyeurs

    Japanese Voyeurs - Smother Me

    Get a taster from their as-yet-unreleased debut album, for nothing.

    Posted 27th September 2010

  8. Violent Soho

    Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend (Dillinger Escape Plan remix)

    Tech-metallers remix slack-rock upstarts

    Posted 26th July 2010

  9. Wavves

    Wavves - Post Acid

    Californian fuzz kid Nathan Williams returns with brand new material

    Posted 19th June 2010

  10. Melvins

    Melvins - Evil New War God

    Legendary pre-post-grunge funsters have a new longplayer out

    Posted 19th June 2010