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In One Minute: Every Avenue

Michigan pop-punk boys sit down with us for a chat ahead of their forthcoming UK trip...

Posted 25th August 2011 in Interviews, Every Avenue
Every Avenue

Having just released latest album 'Bad Habits', Detroit lads Every Avenue are on a bit of a roll at the moment. Having been one of the most underrated pop-punk bands of recent years, their latest era - including a big stint on the legendary US Warped Tour - has seen the band build on their popularity. They're doing things over here in Europe too, with a Young Guns support slot scheduled for this autumn (click here for dates and ticket details). We sat down with the band's David Strauchman for a 60 second interview.

'Bad Habits' is ace. What were the recording sessions like for this one?
It was amazing. We just had fun and did what we wanted and we weren't afraid to make mistakes, or just try anything.

You live in Detroit, right? We're British and stupid, so we're oblivious to what's going on there.
Detroit is awesome. There's lots of bands you should be checking out from here. One called Wilson and a band call Swing The Coast. Living as a musician here isn't that bad either. I mean, it’s home for us, so that’s where I wanna be after tour.

Talking of which, you tour pretty hard. What's it like, out on the road for so long?
The best thing is doing what I love every day. The worst part is not getting to see my family and friends back home.

How do you entertain yourself when you're on a tour bus for so long?
We listen to music all the time. I know we have been playing the Wronger Year record a lot. We try to keep busy and do whatever we can outside of the venue for fun. Go to the gym. Go see a movie. Play some sports. Rob a bank. Fuck shit up, you know?

What's the weirdest thing you've seen on YouTube?
I like to watch some of the funny covers people do of our songs.

You're heading to the UK in September for a tour. Excited?
Yes we are, with Young Guns. We can’t wait! We love it over there, and we're excited to be back. People go crazy for US bands over there and your music scene is just amazing. People just really love music.

We've seen a recent wave of guest appearances and collaborations in the rock world. Who would you love to collaborate with?
Dave Grohl. He’s a bad ass!