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Simple Plan

Seeing as how Simple Plan have taken over Rocklouder for the day, we thought we use the chance to ask them some burning questions!

Posted 28th November 2007 in Interviews, Simple Plan
Simple Plan

So we're sat here with David, and seeing as how Simple Plan have invaded Rocklouder for the day, we thought we'd take the chance to ask them a few burning questions!

Rocklouder: First off, it's probably a pretty boring question for you, but I know there's often a lot of discrepancy about where the name came from. Can you clear that up for us please?
David: The name! Yeah, you know what... it was before i even joined the band. The guys had to play a show last minute and this guy that was recording the demo... it was the demo that actually got the band signed, well, got to get them to the label and stuff like that, and get management, etc. It was like 8/9 years ago. So the guys were like - we need a band name, we're playing a show!' and the producer guy had just been watching the movie 'A Simple Plan', and he was like - you guys should try that name', so they dropped the 'A' and just went with Simple Plan, and we ended up keeping the name. When we got signed we were wondering if we were keeping that name or not, and you know what, it is kinda Simple Plan because we get to do what we've always wanted to do for a living. We're doing quite fine ya know, and its fun to do something you always wanted to do. You finally get to do it. Right now it's a lot of travelling and a lot of work, but it pays off at the end of the day.

RL: Great, thanks for clearing that up! Ok, so you've obviously got a new album out in January. 'Simple Plan', and the last record moved away slightly from the classic pop punk sound of old, and now you've had Dave Fortman producing your record... is it gonna be a heavier sounding album what with Dave producing it?
D: Do you know, i mean, i'm sure you're familiar with his work?
RL: Yeah, like Phil Anselmo and Mudvanye, Evanescence...
D:Yeah that's right, and he's actually doing Slipknot in January too...
RL: Oh wow, that's awesome.
D: Yeah, and did you know he used to play in a band also?
RL: Ugly Kid Joe right?
D: Thats right, he was the guitarist. Haha yeah you're good man. Well anyway, we didn't go to him to have an Evanescence sound, the reasons we went to him were that we knew he was good at incorporating stuff other than organic instruments, like you know how Evanescence have got a bunch of programming sometimes, so we knew he was good for that, but not only that, he was so enthusiastic and looking forward to working with us that it made the experience so much better. Becuase we didn't wanna, and I know I personally don't wanna work with, a producer that thinks he's all that... and Bob Rock had done our second record, and Bob Rock has been doing quite fine for years and he's not an egomaniac, he's a super down to earth guy. Super nice. And so obviously we wanted to stay in that kind of energy, i mean, the record definitely has some balls to it, but at the same time I think Dave wanted to also show the world that he's not only good for those super, super heavy distorted guitars and stuff like that. We loved his piano tones with Evanescence, and he was like the perfect go-to guy for us and it turned out to be a really really good experience. He's really funny, and he's like 25 years old at heart. He's just like that, and he's insane, and it turns out we had a really good summer and he's a really really good friend of ours now.

RL: How did it come about you working with him? Was it just that you were a fan of his previous work that you've mentioned, or was it suggested by friends or the label?
D: No, no... absolutely not. We were throwing names out there of who we wanted to work with, as Bob Rock was supposed to do the record, and then there was a scheduling conflict because we were ready to get in the studio in June, and we had pushed back our schedule 'cause we weren't ready, weren't ready, weren't ready, and obviously it's Bob Rock '“ he's gotta work, and he's got offers. So he was finishing The Offspring and Gavin Rossdale, so we threw a bunch of names around, and like I said, from talking to him, and meeting him, he was SO excited to do this record and he totally understood how we wanted it to sound, and where we wanted to take it. So, he became the first choice and right away he said - i'll come up to Montreal to do the record', and you know, some producers would just not do that. So it was really great, and he ended up loving Montreal, so it was all really positive and a really good energy. And we also got to work with Danja. Dave kinda did the whole record, but then there was also a bunch of co-producers brought in and Danja brought to the table all the cool new sound and beats that we wanted to incorporate into our sound. He's done like, a lot of the tracks on the Justin Timberlake record, he was Timbaland's right hand man, and now he's on his own, and he's doing quite good on his own. He's worked on the upcoming Madonna record, he's worked with Duran Duran. He's awesome! His full name is Nate Hills and he goes by the Danja handle.
We didn't wanna do a 180 and sound completely different, but we just wanted to make it fresher, and incorporate some new interesting and exciting sounds.

RL: Well it all sounds really exciting! The album sounds great and we're really excited for it to be released now and see how the fans like it! So, back to Dave Fortman briefly, where you guys Ugly Kid Joe fans when you were younger?
D: Absolutely, absolutely. You know what, i thought that big hit was a huge song, and they actually toured in Canada quite a bit he was saying, but he never had the chance to discover Montreal, always being in and out, but he ended up falling in love with the city and everything. It's awesome. Every time we tell people they can't believe it. Even people that have met him, and then we tell them after the fact and they're like - oh my god, it's the Ugly Kid Joe guy!'
RL: Well it's a pretty cool thing to have!
D: Yeah for sure... you did some good research!
RL: Haha, thanks. So, we've heard you're gonna be hitting the UK again soon, and for some shows this time?
D: Definitely! It's looking like we're gonna start the world tour in Europe, so I'm hoping that happens. If we start here or not, in Feb, March or April, we're definitely gonna be in Europe and we're actually gonna try and spend more time in Europe as the last tour that we did in early 2006...
RL: ...a couple of nights at the Astoria wasn't it?
D: Yeah yeah, we did 2 Astoria'ss, and it was fantastic, so hopefully we'll get to come back here as soon as we can!

RL: Ok! So we've got just a few fan submitted questions for you to answer now. Some of the burning issues of today! First, Ron from Cardiff wants to know what your favourite song to play live is:
D: Well right now, it's definitely 'When I'm Gone'. We've been rehearsing it for quite a bit, and we've played it in a completely different setup, in an acoustic setup, and i just love playing it! I love singing it, you know, it's really fresh and exciting to play new songs.

RL: Noah from Texas asks, what is your favourite venue to play, anywhere in the world?
D: Oh my god, thats a hard one! There's so many beautiful venues everywhere in the world. You know that though, we played a bullring in Spain last time round, and that was something! It was super old, a super old building, so that was quite cool! I personally like... there's a lot of good venues across Europe. All the 1000 to 2000 seater venues are something. Really really old theatres, the details in the ceiling is amazing. They're all really fun to play. You can smell the audience.

RL: Magda wants to know if there is any news on the Simple Plan photobook?
D: Oh yeah, we've been working on that for a really long time, and i think sometime next year, it will definitely come to conclusion, and you'll definitely be able to get your hands on it.
RL: So that's all sorts of live stuff, and documentary photography?
D: Absolutely. I've actually seen a rough copy of it the other day and there's some really, really great shots in there. It's gonna be quite an interesting book!

RL: Awesome! Well we can't wait for that. Dominika wants to know what's on your Christmas list:
D: I wanna have time to see my friends and family, and spend time with my loved ones... and get time to snowboard! That's all i want. I rediscovered my love for snowboarding last winter. I'm such an idiot that whenever there's a new thing that I want, I just go and get it! I tell my friends and family to not buy me anything, which kinda sucks for them. And then you get the smart creative people that will impress you with a cool gift, ya know?

RL: Sounds like us! So, as a final question, when you're out playing shows and doing promo, we know you might not have much time to look around, but of all the places you've been in the world, what's your favourite country to visit? And that question is from Rupe in Peterborough.
D: Well, if we actually had time to visit, i would say Japan, because we did have time as we've been going there so many times... and we actually got time 'cause the first time we went there it was two and a half weeks and we played a lot of shows but had time too. We love the country, and the culture... we love Japanese food and the fans are so respectful, they don't ever cross the line and are never pulling on you or ripping your bracelets, ya know? They give you such a good energy, and you give it right back! Japan's a really exciting place!