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Madina Lake

We catch up with the guys prior to the release of their new album!

Posted 9th April 2009 in Interviews, Madina Lake | By Phill May
Madina Lake

We spoke to Nathan from Madina Lake ahead of the release of their brand new album 'Attics To Eden', which drops next month.

Rocklouder: Hey Nathan, how are things?
Nathan: Things are pretty amazing at the moment. We've had a busy run which started in Hawaii and went to Australia for Soundwave festival (where we got to play with NIN!), to Tokyo, to London, to Paris, back to Japan for Punkspring and now we're on our way down to Florida. It's hard to adjust but we're super lucky and excited to be promoting 'Attics'.

RL: You’ll be over here in the UK at the end of April, looking forward to it?
N: Yes of course, the UK has been our home away from home and yet we haven't toured there in a whole year. I feel like we've changed quite a bit and we've been anxious to start again from ground zero over there.

RL: What can fans expect from the shows?
N: Well we took the first decent sized chunk of money we've ever gotten and blown it all on a production idea for this specific tour. We're definitely rolling the dice on it because we have no idea how it will come out (think Spinal Tap Stonehenge) but if it's anything like we imagine, it will be amazing haha.

RL: Tell us about the album, your début (From Them, Through Us, To You) had a massive concept story behind it, and you’ve said it continues to tie in with the fictional town of your namesake on this record?
N: Yes, we're 95% done with the narrative that goes along with 'Attics' and we'll continue to release it online over the next month or so. This installment expands well beyond the town of ML and introduces a whole new batch of characters and story lines. The entire premise of the story becomes sharper and we've already finished the ending so now we're just having fun getting there.

RL: It’s been said that this concept will span three albums, so do you have any ideas set or planned for the next album?
N: Yeah I was saying previously we actually have the ending all sorted. When we started we had the beginning and the end but had left the middle (record 2) open so we could use the experiences and mindset of 3 years on tour to influence it's direction.

RL: And tying in with that, do you have any idea what you’ll do once the story is ‘complete’?
N: We're not sure yet. At the moment we're just trying to make sure the whole thing makes sense and is as strong as it can be. Plus the process of writing and recording 'Attics' was so arduous and taxing that we're going to take some time off to enjoy touring!

RL: How did creating and recording this album compare with your début?
N: Night and day. FTTUTY was recorded in a very relaxed, west coast environment. Mark Trombino was hands off and focused more on the sonic side of the record where as 'Attics' was done on the east coast with David Bendeth who is a drill sergeant. It was better for us to be pushed as hard as we were, as brutal as it was. To be honest it was at times a miserable process of fighting and screaming at each other but sometimes that's what it takes to reach new levels of creativity. I feel like we got there in the end and we're super proud of this one.

RL: How do you feel you have developed as a band and as a musician since?
N: We've become a ten times better band as a result. Bendeth really breaks you down and makes you completely re-think everything you've ever believed musically which is super uncomfortable. He makes you double and triple think every second of a song which often results in trimming tons of fat. We're a band that doesn't believe in co-writing or having outside songwriters or musicians on our record. Since we refused to do that it was really up to us to prove that we didn't need to that. The added pressure brought us closer as a band. It felt like it was the 4 of us against the world and we won ha!

RL: Which tracks are you proudest of on 'Attics To Eden' (and why)?
N: 'Criminals' and 'Let's Get Out Of Here' are 2 of my favorites. 'Criminals' is heavier and has a really dramatic chorus and it doesn't really sound like anything I’ve ever heard. Plus the lyrics are very important to me. It's about exacting revenge and determining who is the good and who is the evil in one's life. 'Let's Get Out Of Here' has this almost hip-hop vibe combined with a pretty heavier guitar bit and is a totally unique song for a band like us. I feel like our best results came from writing with no boundaries whatsoever. We didn't care about anything writing this record. No scenes, no trends, nobody's opinions, expectations, nothing but our own satisfaction. So the record ended up with a wide dynamic of sounds and styles that doesn't really fit into any genre which we like!

RL: Back to touring, are you looking forward to the mammoth set of dates on the Warped Tour?
N: A bit nervous to be honest! warped can be brutal but it's a fantastic tour and a big opportunity for us. We're in a bus for the first time in the states though for Warped which is going to help a LOT.

RL: Have you got any festival plans for the UK?
N: I think some are in the works as we speak!

RL: So a hell of a lot of tour dates, what recent albums have been and will be keeping you occupied on the tourbus?
N: Manchester Orchestra, Dillinger Escape Plan, Anberlin, MGMT, I Am The Avalanche, Pucifer, The NINJA Tour sampler, Silver Sun Pickups, and Young Jeezy!

Madina Lake's new record, 'Attics To Eden' is released on May 4th.