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Rocklouder albums of the year 2010:  5 - 1

It's the final countdown! Duh duh derrr derr! Etc.

Posted 10th December 2010 in Features, Deftones

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We were in two minds if we should do a list this year. On one hand, end-of-year lists are massively overdone, overhyped and over-analysed. On the other, EVERYONE LOVES MAKING LISTS, right? So we thought 'sod it', and went ahead, spending a few days poring over 2010 releases and compiling our favourites. Truth be told, it was hugely difficult to narrow this year's releases down to just 10: 2010 was an incredibly strong year in the world of rock. Agree? Disagree? Think we've left any off? Leave us a comment or tell us on Twitter. Here's the top 5 albums of the year according to, erm, us.

5. Wavves - King Of The Beach
LA stoner Nathan Williams' project upped their game on their second album, retaining the fuzzed-out brilliance of his debut while experimenting with shiny studio techniques. Packed with fully-formed punk-pop gems, more than anything this record showed that Williams has the potential to drag the genre kicking and screaming into new, fresh areas.

4. Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed and Cursed
One of the most forward-thinking bands in the country, 'Blessed and Cursed' showcased a skill for texture and dynamics rarely seen in hardcore. Their brutal thrashing, tempered by gorgeous Sigur Ros-esque ambient interludes, made for a thrilling journey.

3. My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys
Ditching their anthemic gloom for a bunch of fist-pumping punk tracks was a risky move. But My Chemical Romance's smooth transition from rock whingers to comic book heroes was a glorious sight to behold, and a welcome relief from the band's previous monochrome pomp. Their new 'Tank Girl meets Quentin Tarantino' image and visuals fitted perfectly with their fantastic new material: colourful, riotous and - dare we say it - fun.

2. Chickenhawk - Modern Bodies
Gritty, noisy British rock at its finest. This album is as relentless as their storming live shows - a ten tonne barrage of riffs, drums, and more riffs. They're slowly gaining a reputation as one of the best live bands in the UK, and this album is a stunning - and ferocious - example of their talent.

1. Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Who'd have thought, ten years since their seminal 'White Pony' album, that Deftones would make a record just as incredible? Battling through the trauma of bassist Chi Cheng's ongoing coma, in 'Diamond Eyes' the band made an album that's defiant, fearless and moving - basically, everything that's beautiful about rock music. Showcasing their knack for fusing melody, mood and massive guitars, it instantly put Deftones back in their rightful place as one of the greatest bands on the planet. An absolute triumph over tragedy, and hands down the best album of the year.