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The Story Of Bring Me The Horizon

BMTH formed in the area Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK 2004 from the ashes of fallen local bands...

Posted 23rd May 2007 in Features
The Story Of Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon formed in the area Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK 2004 from the ashes of fallen local bands. They wrote music they wanted to write, played the music they wanted to play, and played at any gig they could get within their local area. It took quite a while for the band to get any recognition, and they received lots of negative comments about their music and performances, but they kept on playing.

After a few months of constant gigging they began to build a small fanbase in their local community. Their music began to turn heads in their hometown and gigs got busier and busier. They played shows and the kids moshed, they played even more shows and the kids just kept on moshing and moshing. They just wrote what they wanted to play and hear. Around about this time, Bring Me The Horizon recorded 3 songs in Oliver Sykes' bedroom, which included the songs 'Shed Light / Metal Song', 'Who Want's Flowers When You're Dead? Nobody.' and an unfinished instrumental version of 'Rawwwrr!'. The vocals weren't recorded due to the poor quality of the sound and the songs couldn't possibly have been sold at their shows as planned. Two of these bedroom session songs were later to be finished and put onto their debut mini-album, and a riff from the other was used for the opening of the track 'RE: They Have No Reflections'.

After constant rehearsals and shows, they soon got attention from a few A&R scouts and were signed to label Thirty Days Of Night Records and released their debut EP 'This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For'. After a few tours across a few areas of the country, Bring Me The Horizon were then signed to another bigger label Visible Noise in August, where their label mates included Lostprophets and Bullet For My Valentine. That January they re-released their EP and it received much more attention and recognition than it had got previously.

Having a MySpace account with a few songs for people to hear and enjoy also helped the bands fanbase grow at a truly expediential rate. It also increased the popularity of lead singer Oli Sykes' clothing company, Drop Dead Clothing, which he began soon after leaving college after considering that further education may not have been his best option.

Over the following months, Bring Me The Horizon toured relentlessly and supported bands such as The Red Chord, Zao, The Nothing, Shaped By Fate and Johnny Truant, and playing alongside bands such as Aiden, Bleeding Through, Azriel, and The Architects. Come July 2006, they were signed up to play the MySpace stage at Download Festival and managed to dominate the crowd, raking in more of the audience to their stage than a fair few of the many main stage acts - they even got the crowd involved in a wall of death!

At the 2006 Kerrang! Awards ceremony, Bring Me The Horizon picked up an award for Best British Newcomer 2006 which was presented to them by previous winners Bullet For My Valentine... and they had still only released a 4-track EP. Throughout the rest of the night the band drank exceeding amounts of alcohol, and during a drinking contest with a member of another band, bassist Matt Kean had to be rushed to hospital for having such high blood-alcohol levels. Yet, as soon as he was placed safely into the ambulance, the band returned back to the awards show.

A few months after picking up their first award, the band finally released their debut full-length album entitled 'Count Your Blessings' which featured 10 new tracks. After touring to support the release of the album in October / November 2006, the band supported Lostprophets at their headline gigs across the UK. They then toured with Killswitch Engage alongside The Haunted across Europe which was a first for Bring Me The Horizon, as all their live shows had so far been in the UK and no further. This just increased their popularity, and broadened their fanbase even further. So much so that the band have to this date two fansites, one called Nail The Casket, which was their first fansite, and the other an Italian one called BMTH Italia.

In the summer of 2007 the band are on the line-up to play the Download Donnington festival, alongside bands such as Linkin Park, Killswitch Engage, My Chemical Romance and Slayer. This will be the second time that Bring Me The Horizon have played this weekend festival since they formed in 2004. They then plan to tour Europe for a second time, playing a few festivals in countries such as Italy, Germany, and Holland. There truly is no stopping the ambition of this young band.

Zach Redrup