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The Paramore Soundtrack!

Want to know what bands have shaped the lives of Paramore?

Posted 8th February 2008 in Features, Paramore | By Paramore

The Soundtrack to Paramore's lives:

Death Cab For Cutie

Jeremy: One band that we all love, and to this day listen to all the time, are Death Cab For Cutie. They're amazing. All their songs are the songs that remind us of home, so we'll all be listening to them all the time when we're on the road.

Hayley: I just now started listening to their record 'You Can Play These Songs With Chords'. It was the first album and it got re-released a few years later too with more songs I really love the older stuff.

'Soul Meets Body'

Death Cab For Cutie Myspace

Jimmy Eat World

Josh: Jimmy Eat World's always been our favourite band. We love them and we love everything they do. It's too hard to pick a favourite record as I think different records are for different times, and they all have something. The new record is amazing too... it's awesome, and we're so excited for the tour we're playing with them. I think that if I really had to choose an album as my favourite though, it would probably be Bleed American.

'The Middle'

Jimmy Eat World Myspace


Zac: I wanna add Mew as one of our favourite bands - we always kinda forget about them when we do interviews and stuff, but we all love Mew a lot. They're awesome, and they're from Denmark. We've listened to them for such a long time and we all love them. It's something different, it's not like our Jimmy Eat World and stuff, but it's so good!

'The Zookeeper's Boy'

Mew Myspace