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We The Kings - Smile Kid

Sunny rock from Florida... the perfect winter pick-me-up

By Evelyn Opoku-Agyeman // Rating: 4/5
We The Kings - Smile Kid

Looking for that perfect album that instantly reminds you of summer? Look no further than ‘Smile Kid’. We The Kings return with this, their second album, and the Florida quartet bring ‘the sunshine state’ to your stereo.

Taking a slightly different direction from debut album which charted Number 1 in the US Alternative chart, this album allows them to present the heavier sounding WTK. There are more obvious comparisons this time round to their fellow from touring companions like All Time Low, The Morning Parade and Hey Monday.

Each song feels like a summer holiday snap, taking you back to that happy and carefree memory: whether it’s the carnival whistles in 'Summer Love' or the mellow vibes exuding from 'Promise the Stars'. Essentially, it's power pop at its very best.

A surprising collaboration comes from Disney superstar Demi Levato on 'We’ll Be a Dream', surprising is the fact that the ballad surpasses all criticisms of being corny or cheesy. The actually-quite-soulful track tugs on those sentimental heart strings and at the same time soothes like a lullaby.

Ironically, you can’t help but smile when listening to 'Smile Kid' - it’s the perfect pick-me-up. Going from strength to strength, it is evident that there are bigger and better things to come from this lot.