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Tweak Bird - Tweak Bird

Illinois duo bring the illinoise

By Rob Antrobus // Rating: 3.5/5
Tweak Bird - Tweak Bird

Illinois based duo Tweak Bird are one of this gifted bands that don't sound like they're trying to hard, that almost every song comes to the minds of brothers Ashton and Caleb in a swirly haze and is channeled down to the trembling arms, hands and souls of these two extraneous beings, resulting in the fantastical amalgamation of their energy fused, spaced out musical adventures.

With most heavy bands out there adept in giving out quite pessimistic and anger fuelled tunes, Tweak Bird's philosophy on their music is upbeat, playful and imaginative. Production is raw and genuine, corresponding to the brothers telepathic tendencies. Album opener 'The Future' sets the scene with its deep, riff-heavy guitar line and it's drumstick shattering beat whilst 'Lights In Lines' is full of pop groove wonder. 'Tunneling Through' easily has the best riff on the album bursting with an unlimited touch of soul and tenacity. With almost half the songs showcasing how 'true' rock and roll should be done,
the other half presents Tweak Bird's talents in a more progressive style. 'Round Trippin' is awash in backwards reverb and cosmic synths.

The most impressive addition to the eclectic movement in sound is - and it just wouldn't be prog-rock without one - a saxophone. Whether it's wrapped around a twinkling guitar ('A Sun/Ahh Ahh') or barely audible ('Sky Ride') it adds depth and spontaneous innocence.

The most spaced out songs are saved for the end of the album. 'Flying High' is a slow burner, with a chilling vocal line, cascading drum fills and the provocative appearance of a flute. Album closer 'Distant Airways' is almost a soundtrack to a tripped out journey across the Nevada desert,
right in the backyard of Area 51. With its pupil-dilating psychedelic orchestra you cant help staring dead into space as this track smoothes and caresses your subconscious. Ending with a synthesised crescendo straight out of a World War 2 air raid/alien invasion, it's a magnificent close to the duo's strange take on piecing together pop, rock and 70's progressive.

Hearing this album in its entirety will leave you in a dreamy daze, along with a mentally depleting head rush. But this is all part of the experience, the satisfaction and delight when listening to stoned out rock at its best.