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Throats - Throats EP

They rule. END OF

Released 1 Feb 2010 // By Phill May // Rating: 4/5
Throats - Throats EP

With a simmering anticipation surrounding it, this EP from Throats is set to launch them to the top of the UK hardcore pack. Raw, volatile and utterly devastating, it’s hard not to think of Converge when faced with such ferocity. Splicing the hardcore with elements of grindcore and stoner doom, it’s not in any way following a trend; it’s carving its own groove – one that will slice straight through you if it has to. Fuck knows what vocalist Alex Wealands is screaming, but with tracks entitled 'Fuck Life' and 'Failgiver' we can assume these are not tunes about how cute fluffy bunnies and puppies are.

With most tracks under the two minute mark, the EP doesn’t hang about, with each track exploding to life and hurtling to a conclusion as fast as possible. But it will leave you wanting more, even if your body does feel a little like it’s been in a car crash. Chaotic ferocity with some variation, Throats have justified the impressive support slots (Gallows, Every Time I Die, Rolo Tomassi) and more than live up to the hype. This could be the first of 2010’s success stories.