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Kids In Glass Houses - In Gold Blood

Welsh wonders release their brand new ambitious longplayer. Is it any good?

By Sean Reid // Rating: 4/5
Kids In Glass Houses - In Gold Blood

With their third full-length, Cardiff's Kids In Glass Houses make the natural progression from emerging British alternative rockers to full-on, mainstream rock band that both widens there appeal and keeps their credibility in tact at the same time.

As always, the Welsh five-piece show their capability of producing broad, anthemic choruses, and 'In Gold Blood' is no different. Opening track 'Gold Blood' is a stomping number with gang vocals that sets the tone for the rest of the record. 'Teenage Wonderland' continues the bands momentum, with its steady build-up to a bursting chorus that makes it clear that KIGH certainly know how to write bold, accessible pop-rock songs.

'Diamond Days' and 'Not In This World' follow on in a similar fashion, although its a favourable structure you can't help but feel the band would shake things up. Whilst the brass-filled 'The Florist' attempts this, it's not until the brash 'Animals' that the Welsh group change direction, with soulful female backing vocals brilliantly combining with a storming guitar solo. It's lively, and gives the record a much needed wake up call.

From there on until the end, it's business as usual as the band give it their all. It must be said from start to finish, 'In Gold Blood' keeps you interested with their brand of pop-rock with their mix of sensible songwriting and tight musicianship. Vocalist Aled Philips certainly proves his worth throughout the record.

Although 'In Gold Blood' may not open new doors for Kids In Glass Houses, it's certainly a step in the right direction - it will please their existing fanbase and gives it plenty of potential to grow, too. It may even win over any sceptics who had written off them as another generic pop-rock group, as they've have delivered a confident, feel-good record that's definitely worth giving a few listens to.