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Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Ambitious hardcore crew do 'career best' in the loudest way possible.

// Rating: 4.5/5
Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Hardcore can be pretty limited sometimes. There's only so many four-blokes-with-instruments-shouting-about-stuff bands we can really take: there's always been a defined 'formula' for hardcore, and it's rare that many bands break that tried-and-tested sound.

That was until Fucked Up came along. A band who openly embrace sonic experimentation, ridiculousness and progression, they've been a breath of fresh air in a genre that was getting rapidly stale.

'David Comes To Life' is their latest opus - a slightly surreal concept album about a bloke who works at a lightbulb factory. It's way better than it sounds. We'll admit we were a little worried when we heard this was going to be a 'rock opera', but all doubts were cast aside when we actually heard the thing.

For Fucked Up, 'David Comes To Life' is actually a fairly straightforward, if ambitious, album. There's the overarching (and slightly flimsy) narrative, sure, but musically its straight-down-the-line anthemic punk is direct, beautiful and streamlined. In fact, it sounds scarily big - like the tours with fellow Canadians Arcade Fire have somehow given them a taste for huge concert halls and even bigger singalongs.

Its 80 minute running time doesn't once feel bloated, and it seems almost unfair to pinpoint specific songs because they're all really, really good. Dense, exciting, and proving themselves a million miles ahead of their knuckleheaded hardcore peers, Fucked Up have made the punk album of the year. Thrilling.