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Francesqa - We Lived EP

Hotly tipped Oxfordshire gang produce and impressive debut EP.

By Evelyn Opoku-Agyeman // Rating: 5/5
Francesqa - We Lived EP

What a difference a year makes, and for the Oxfordshire based quintet Francesqa this couldn’t be truer, as things have quickly evolved for them. Tom Delonge of Blink 182 hand-picked the guys to open Slam Dunk Festival 2010, bringing them further into the spotlight. Their increasing popularity built through their live shows and fan interactivity alone has proved them to be one of the most exciting new bands in the country.

Debut EP ‘We Lived’ is filled with 5 brilliant tracks, bursting open with the first single ‘Ghosts’. The enticing track much like the rest of the EP invites you on this romanticised spontaneous adventure that Wilkie’s intoxicating vocals lead you on. Even after the cracking opener, it doesn’t stop there. With more energy than a can of Red Bull, ‘Crooked Little Sunshine’ and ‘Hopeful’ are just perfect catchy pop tunes with that genuine rock edge. You can’t help but move along to the hooks and harmonies that sweep you off your feet and even the much gentler side of this talented band is exposed through title track ‘We Lived’ and ‘Years’, exposing a heartfelt and honest touch. With each listen of the record, you fall more in love with the beautifully clever lyrics dotted throughout the EP.

Packed with tonnes of powerful emotion, ‘We Lived’ is captivating, breath-taking and practically flawless. Refreshing and inspiring, Francesqa successfully tease with this debut, leaving you wanting and demonstrating that this lot are capable of so much more. Watch this space.