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Fighting Fiction - A Lesser Of Two Evils EP

Bristol gang's debut EP impresses.

Released 16 Nov 2009 // By Phill May // Rating: 4/5
Fighting Fiction - A Lesser Of Two Evils EP

A Lesser Of Two Evils, the debut from feisty Bristolians Fighting Fiction, is an EP full of very British' punk, with the social conscience and the passion of a band with something to say. While their ska-tinted punk rock may not be the most imaginative, their appeal is that what they articulate what a lot of people are thinking - the most obvious case being lead track 'A Lesser Of Two Evils', with its cutting "Red or blue both look the same/Choose what you disagree with less" and its crowd-friendly calls for change. And being crowd friendly is certainly something the band excels in, packing in singalong and call-and-response moments. Raucous and energetic, this is the stuff to lift the roofs off venues in a wash of raised beers and raised voices.

Our personal favourite though is ‘Cameraphones And Choruses’, a side-splitting song for those annoyed by the YouTube brigade ("Could you really enjoy a song staring through a 2 inch screen/When you're really in the room when the band begins to sing?"). Naturally, the chorus is impossibly catchy. Ultimately this is nothing the likes of Billy Bragg, Frank Turner and (most obviously) The King Blues haven't done already, but as the recent rise to prominence of the latter shows, there's a market for this brand of honest, passionate, everyman punk rock.