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Die! Chihuahua Die! - Bitch Songs

Rowdy party punk, all the way from Wales. Where else?

Released 22 Mar 2010 // By Phill May // Rating: 3/5
Die! Chihuahua Die! - Bitch Songs

Did Every Time I Die’s latest album disappoint you? Well, if it did there’s something wrong with you, because it was amazing. But if you want some more quality, party-starting ferocity take a listen to Cardiff’s Die! Chihuahua Die! Yes, it’s not the best band name in the world, but these ('Bitch') songs clearly aren’t after your approval.

Uncompromising punk with a hardcore and garage edge, it’s fast-paced, booze soaked and perfect for sweaty moshpit injuries. The ETID comparisons come thick and fast during ‘Backup’ and the interestingly titled ‘Blowgoat’, but the unstable, chaotic delivery – more in line with the likes of Amen and Gay For Johnny Depp – means that rather than criticising, you want to start throwing beer and circle-pitting in your room. It’s far from perfect, but it’s fierce, engaging and bristling with fiery potential.