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Canterbury - Thank You

Young band impress on their debut.

Released 24 Nov 2009 // By Haydn McCarthy // Rating: 4.5/5
Canterbury - Thank You

Just a brief consideration of Canterbury’s short history is enough to convince that this is a band that's 'all about the music'. Barely into packing their own lunches, this quintet had recorded the songs that make up ‘Thank You’. Since then, nearly two years of touring and several stalled attempts at an album release later, that first big milestone is just around the corner. Whether merely influenced by a relief at finally having the deal done, or an indicator of their commitment to the cause, 'Thank You' is available as a pay-what-you-like download.

Any negative preconceptions that may be held about their age and experience are almost instantly forgotten from opener ‘Peace & Quiet’ - offering anything but that - a bouncy, rousing, massive sound capable of opening any gig or album. More of the same can be found amongst the next few tracks, a boundless energy complete with thumping baselines and a plethora of sing-along moments. It’s when the album strays from this formula that it begins to struggle - ‘Hospital’ provides the obligatory slower, mellower effort, ‘Take Me Out Of The Wall’ is nothing to write home about, and ‘Got To Believe’ almost feels like a filler - a short, loud and instantly forgettable noise. ‘Set You Right’ sees them return to form and revisit everything that makes the first half of the album so impressive. Coupled with ‘Friends? We’re More Like A Gang’, this one-two may be the stand-outs in a collection that's not short of highlights - it’s easy to see why Canterbury have already opened shows for the likes of Enter Shikari and You Me At Six.

A very impressive album, and all the more so because it hardly sounds like a debut. Any band capable of producing such a mature and polished sound at the first attempt are well worth keeping an eye on. With that, however, comes increased expectation and pressure on any future work. For now though, they’ll simply be delighted to have got to this point.