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Blueneck - Fallen Host

Epic rockers create flawless debut

Released 1 Mar 2010 // By Chris Leonard // Rating: 5/5
Blueneck - Fallen Host

Only one word is needed to describe this album. Awesome. These guys make noise, phenomenal noise – it’s Oceansize, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros and the less electronic elements of 65daysofstatic and Vessels all rolled into one.

The two instrumental opening tracks couldn’t be more different, but yet are effective in their own way. ‘(Depart From Me, You Who Are Cursed)’ is so utterly simple; piano and strings occupy the full four minutes and yet despite its simplicity, stripped back nature and lack of vocals, it’s packed full of emotion and feeling. ‘Seven’ is a full on onslaught of guitars, drums, keys and strings creating a swirling epic cacophony of sound that draws you in, cocooning you in its hugeness. It really is a stunning track.

‘Low’ is simple in comparison, 5 minutes of gentle guitar and vocals delivered in a dark and haunting manner are slowly joined by building drums and keys before a massive wodge of distorted lead play creates a second 5 minutes of epic proportions. It’s difficult not to continue going through each track describing it’s sheer quality and excellent musicianship, with all seven tracks on show here being superbly crafted and delivered.

This is a band who should go far, who should be exposed to thousands, if not millions of music fans, but unfortunately this isn’t straight up Radio 1 playlist material. It’s far too sophisticated, far too musically advanced, and too well crafted for that. But the dire reality is that they probably won’t get the exposure and recognition they deserve and that’s a crying shame. So this writer urges you to buy a copy of this album, for your sake and theirs. Spectacular.