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Alkaline Trio - Damnesia

Punk pop legends go acoustic. But is it any good?

By Sean Reid // Rating: 3.5/5
Alkaline Trio - Damnesia

The idea of an Alkaline Trio acoustic record may not sound all that 'punk', nevertheless 'Damnesia' is a record that is mostly for the fans who have stuck by the band throughout the years. Whilst the brash punk rock style is pretty much non-existent, it's replaced by a sombre tone that fits the bands re-worked approach well. Tracks like 'This Could Be Love' and 'The American Scream' sound haunting, whilst 'We've Had Enough' and 'Clavicle' transfer well into an acoustic setting.

Although the bands re-worked tracks will easily win fans over, the addition of two new tracks; 'Olde English 800' and 'I Remember A Rooftop' don't quite stand out with the latter being the more favourable of the two, as Dan Andriano gives a warming vocal performance that suits the overall tone.

For long-time fans, 'Damnesia' is a satisfying collection of favourites that have sensibly been re-worked and re-arranged, making them sound refreshed and gives them a sense of uniqueness.